Thursday, 7 December 2017

Once upon a time there was to little beautiful elves called Charlotte and Brandy they had big long ears and little eyes and they worked in Santas work shop.

First Charlotte and Brandy was handing out some presents for Santa to diliver to the kids Charlotte and Brandy was so happy that they were handing presents but then something happend when  they went outside they slipped in this big hole were the raindeers fell in but luckily Charlotte and 
Brandy found some ropes and tied them up and threw them up on the snow then they climbed up.

Next Charlotte and were helping Santa dilivering the presents  presents for the kids but when they left Santa forgot to put the gas in but Santa knew that he brand his gas so he can put it in.

Then charlotte and Brandy’s family and friends were waiting until they come back home.

After that Charlotte and Brandy came back with Santa to the North Pole then they went in the room to help Santa.

Finally they lived happly ever after.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Maori legend

Last week at school Room fifteen designed a Maori art around the native NZ bush. 

First we got a pencil and we drawed our amazing designs on a paper. Secondly we were getting some colours to colour in our art and were getting the colours green black and blue dark brown dark blue and dark green pastels. Lastly we were glueing our art on a black paper and putting some glitter on the side of our art. 

Next I wrote a story about a Maori legend ad I was doing an animation of my story.   

Finally I animated my story.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Diane and I

Once upon a time Diane and I lived on a beautiful rainbow city. First there was a wicked mean witch that was looking for Diane. Next I was
looking for Diane because she was my cousin and I missed her. Then I found her. After that we were eating strawberry's and blueberry's and grapes and toast. Suddenly we saw something strange when we went to the park. But when we looked closer we saw the witch  sad on the swing. Finally we went home and had a nap because it was a long day.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The cross country. On Friday we had our cross country.  First we had to line up in our lines and we have to wait in our line and when it was our turn. Next we were running  on the bike track and the ground. Finally we had a glass of water and went to class and went home.